Paramount Fire & Safety

At Paramount Fire Safety (PFS) Co L.L.C, we pride ourselves on the quality and expertise of our work and management


within the fire protection industry. Our work spans across all scopes within the industry.  We design, supply and install projects from multi- story developments and high-rise buildings to tenancy fit-outs through to servicing, maintaining and testing. PFS Co L.L.C devote ourselves to producing current and up to date solutions which guarantee long term efficiency.

Our team can manage projects from all aspects and deliver quality workmanship in accordance to the relevant NFPA & GCC Standards.

At PFS Co L.L.C, we dedicate ourselves to delivering a high level of customer support. We are committed to building a strong report with our clients to ensure all projects are completed proficiently within the time frame and budget. We understand the significance of educating our clients, and it is our priority to build their knowledge about the importance of

servicing and maintaining a fire suppressive system.     



Fire Sprinkler System


Fire Alarm System


Fire Suppression System